****The National Seminar that was scheduled for 19th of August,2023 has been rescheduled on 16th September, 2023. ******** Registration to join Prahari Club are open till 20 August 2023.

Higher Education Institute Society

Education is the best gift that the parents and educational institutions can provide to a child. HEIS of the Government College Bilaspur (HP) is committed to give its pupils a sound foundation in the now-a-days competitive environment. HEIS, extends you all warm greetings in the new academic session. Along with academic excellence, skill development and employability of the students is the major focus. HEIS GC Bilaspur through its various courses prepares learners to face the challenges of today and tomorrow with confidence and abilities. We encourage students to develop themselves in their special field of interest and groom them to acquire skills, confidence, patience, competence to bear responsibilities in all walks of life.
Dear students hard work is the key to success. All of you have to learn and work with utmost and fullest commitment in order to achieve best in life. Life is full of opportunities, bottlenecks are there but constant endeavors bear fruits. Remember laziness is your worst enemy and constant hard work is your best friend. Therefore, make up your mind and don’t leave any stone unturned to reach your destined goal. Life is all about “Chances” and “Opportunities”. Never leave anything to “Chance” and never let any “Opportunity” get away. Keep on doing and going. Aim for the sky, you will definitely able to reach at the mountain top. Remember, expecting to get without aim in life is like expecting to win a race without running.
Wishing you all the best in your life.

Dr. H.L. Sharma (Associate Professor)
Member Secretary
HEIS Govt. College Bilaspur (HP)